Three Hot Fall Health Trends

Ah, fall. The leaves are changing colors, the weather is getting colder, sweaters are the go-to fashion and warm beverages are an everyday accessory.

But what if we told you that you may soon see people swapping their morning juice or coffee for bottled soup and a savory latte made with bone broth? You might think it’s crazy, but here are three trends that we’re seeing for fall.

Bone broth lattes

Bone broth is a trend that’s been simmering for awhile and now it’s coming to a full boil. Bone broth is full of nutrients (including protein and minerals) considered to boost your immune system and promote skin health. It’s even thought to reduce the effects of arthritis and joint pain.

The team at Bonafide Provisions, the first USDA organic bone broth on the market, created this anti-inflammatory, gut-friendly latte that is made with turmeric (a spice of the moment), ghee and chicken broth. Put down your sugary pumpkin spice latte and pick up a nutrient-rich bone broth latte for your morning cuppa.

Soup cleanses

Juice cleanses were so last spring. This season, it’s all about everyone’s favorite fall food: soup. First, Ayesha Curry (wife of Golden State Warrior Stephen Curry and chef extraordinaire) partnered with Zupa Noma, a soup-in-a-bottle trend that’s all the rage. (They’re farm-to-table fresh, full of soup-er foods, low in sugar and Whole 30-approved.)

Now, more companies like Soupure are encouraging people to set down the sugary juices and “cleanse” with the whole fruit and vegetable—skin, seeds and all—via bottled soups. They’re dairy-free, nutrient-rich and organic, too.

Apple cider vinegar mocktails

It’s no secret that many people rely on a shot of apple cider vinegar a day to keep the doctor away. From supporting your microbiome (gut health) to weight loss, ACV is another health trend having its moment in the spotlight.

So it’s no surprise that health and wellness lovers have found a way to swap out alcohol with ACV—for delicious mocktails with health benefits. This one is made with honey, sparkling water and ACV, and is a sweet but zesty bevvy that will make you feel like you’re participating in the fun, without the hangover or bloat the next day. Want more mocktail inspiration? Here are 33 ways to drink ACV.

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Photo credit: ALLEKO, Thinkstock