10 Simple Tips to Stay Healthy While on Vacation

Summer is in full swing, and with it comes fun in the sun, relaxation and travel. Unfortunately, heading out of town can often mean ditching your healthy eating habits, gaining weight, and feeling tired and bloated during your vacation or getaway.

But don’t fret! Use these 10 simple tips while out and about this summer to stay healthy.

  1. Know Your Destination. Before you head out, map out the location of grocery stores and health food stores near your destination. Make a quick shopping list so you can stock up on the basic healthy essentials like fruits, nuts and even supplements. Also, locate healthy restaurants in the area, and check out their menus in advance to be sure they have some options that work for you.
  2. Eat Before You Go. Before you begin your travels, make sure you’re full. There is no way of knowing what kind of meal you will get during your trip or what kind of toxic ingredients it will contain. By eating a healthy meal beforehand, this will be one less thing to worry about.
  3. Give Yourself Plenty of Time. There’s nothing worse than rushing through the airport or burning rubber down the highway because you’re running late. This creates undue stress, which causes your body to produce cortisol, which can lead to increased belly fat—the LAST thing you want during the summer! Figure out what time you have to leave to arrive at your destination on time, and then leave 30 minutes earlier.
  4. Walk, Run and Bike. Sneak in activity by making it a point to walk, run or bike anywhere you can. For example, skip the train in the airport and walk through the concourses instead. If you feel up for a light jog, go for it. People are used to seeing sprinters in airports, so you won’t stand out too much! When you reach your destination, rent a bike to get about town instead of driving. These simple things add up quickly.
  5. Come Prepared. Pack food to take with you that doesn’t require refrigeration and is easy to eat. Things like dried fruit, nuts and fresh fruit are great to help prevent weight gain. Some of my favorites are dried seaweed for a salty crunch and Artisana single packs of nut butters.
  6. Sleep. It’s a given that we get tired when we travel. The problem with this is that when we’re sleep deprived, our leptin levels (the hormone that regulates appetite and tells us when we’re full) decrease. This, in addition to the higher levels of ghrelin (the hormone that tells us when we’re hungry), leads us to believe that we’re starving. Aim to get extra rest while you’re traveling, or when you arrive at your destination, make sure you avoid this.
  7. Stay Hydrated. Thirst is often disguised as hunger, so make sure that you have some water, or coconut water, with you at all times. This will help prevent headaches and nausea. If you’re prone to an upset stomach, take some herbal tea like ginger, lavender or chamomile with you.
  8. Stay Smooth. One of the fastest, healthiest meals you can have—that also happens to be super convenient when traveling—is a smoothie. Toss a small immersion blender in your bag so you can make a yummy smoothie anytime.
  9. Reconnect. Most of us travel to get away, relax and rebuild, but what can end up happening is that we get so caught up on what’s going on outside of us (the amusement parks, the food, the company, the activities), we forget to tune in to what’s going on inside of us. It’s super important to reconnect with your inner self to help remember who you are. This will help curb cravings and keep your mind, body and spirit healthy.
  10. Move. Most people don’t work out when they travel because they don’t have a gym or equipment available. The thing is, you don’t need it. Chase fireflies at night, run along the beach with your kids, or do sit-ups on the beach, push-ups against a wall or calf-raises while brushing your teeth.

Bonus Tip: Eat chocolate. If you’re tempted to indulge, have a piece or two of dark chocolate. Enjoy it with a cup of hot peppermint tea or melted over fresh fruit! It’s rich in antioxidants and contains mood-boosting hormones!

These simple, but powerful, tips will ensure your travels are enjoyable and your mind, body and spirit are nourished!

Photo credit: Ishan @seefromthesky, Unsplash