Snack Attack!

You’ve expanded your repertoire of pantry-staple meals. Your sourdough is going strong. The radish-top pesto had its day. And in a pinch, there’s breakfast for dinner. But what about snacks?

Maybe your household has cut back on the chips and pretzels because they disappear the day they come in the door, or because you’re trying to keep the Quarantine 15 at bay. Either way, there’s no need to invent new treats. We’ve got you covered with these healthy, tasty options.

When Halloween candy is calling

Get your pumpkin fix and serve up some Halloween spirit with these goodies.

When food is fuel

These snack ideas can help stave off an afternoon slump.

When emo-eating is about to happen

Feed your need for calm and comfort with healthy options like these.

Photo credit: The Creative Exchange, Unsplash