How to Stop Caring What People Think

Stop worrying and start unleashing your creativity.

When we’re born, we enter the world as these amazing little beings, full of possibility, imagination and creativity.

If we want something, we cry and people give it to us.

We’re encouraged to play make-believe and dream about what we want to be when we grow up.

But as we start getting older, we begin hearing things like, “You’re being too loud. Look at little Suzy. Little Suzy is just sitting there quietly. Be more like little Suzy.”

So we start to hear the message that we are inherently flawed, that there is something wrong with us. And we become conditioned to be, do, feel and act a certain way so we’re like everyone else. So we’re not weird. So we conform and fall into line.

This continues on through grade school and college.

We get the degree so we can get the job and then find the Mr. or Mrs. Perfect and have the 2.5 kids and the white picket fence.

We become so busy trying to be what “they” say we should be that we forget who we are. We don’t remember the greatness and individuality that we have inside of us.

This attempt to be like everyone else so people don’t think we’re weird or different has left us hungry.

It’s left us hungry for ourselves—our true selves—not the selves we pretend to be so we can fit in and gain approval from others. Those are our our false selves, and they will keep us hungry, unhappy and unfulfilled as long as they are around.

So who are you really?

To let go of your false self and tap into your innate creativity, it’s important to remember who you were before society, your parents and your peers told you who you should be. When you do this and finally get to know your true self, everything is possible.

Ram Dass said, “Only when I know who I am will I know what is possible.”

One of the easiest ways to discover who you really are is to try new things. Read books you wouldn’t normally read, watch movies you wouldn’t normally watch, learn to play a musical instrument, paint, draw, write.

You can cut out pictures from magazines of things that inspire you or make you happy and create a scrapbook. Or take yourself out for coffee, lunch or dinner to try new foods.

Be open to everything.

You might have a preconceived notion that you don’t like something (even though you may have never actually tried it). But what if you were open to everything life has to offer—even if you think you won’t enjoy it?

Creativity often shows up in the most unexpected places.

When you find something you enjoy doing, join groups of other people who enjoy it as well so you can learn to enjoy this thing more!

Another great tip I can give you is to think about the things you enjoyed doing when you were young and carefree. What could you do for hours and be super happy?

Try giving that a whirl again, and see if it’s still something that lights you up.

Discovering who you are at your core and what really makes you happy is critical to living a life in which you can feel truly inspired and free to fully unleash your creativity.

You have gifts that are beyond measure. And I know you are meant for greatness.

Photo credit: Myvisuals, Adobe Stock; WavebreakMediaMicro, Adobe Stock; Jennifer Elizabeth, Adobe Stock