Protect Your Power

These three techniques can help you feel centered.

Here we are, starting the holiday season. It’s an exciting, fun and social time of year. Sometimes it can seem overwhelming—all the parties, all the goodies, all the people. And it seems like it’s all of sudden even harder to take care of yourself. Can you really squeeze in that visit to the gym before the holiday cocktail party? Can you go first thing in the morning … after three glasses of champagne?

But your festive attitude can soon turn south if you’re not taking care of yourself, nourishing yourself, and getting enough rest and downtime between parties—not to mention the stress of travel for Thanksgiving and the looming slew of holiday gifts to buy,

And then there are the parties. Some people thrive in big groups of people, and some people prefer smaller gatherings or one-on-one get-togethers. But over the holiday season, we’ve got lots of everything, and you’ve got to be able to have fun and thrive in every situation. After all, you’re here to celebrate! And there’s nothing worse than feeling drained during a social event.

Many of us are very sensitive to other people’s energies, and the truth is all of us “feel” other people’s energies, whether we’re conscious of it or not. Anytime you’re not alone, your energy is intermingling with everyone you’re with. In fact, studies have shown that the rhythm of your heart actually affects the brain waves of people in your vicinity. That also means that their heart rhythm is affecting your brain.

Sometimes people are so affected that they simply turn down invitations to socialize because it is too taxing. But there are other things you can do to help you enjoy the social festivities!

1. Work with your aura

Western science has finally determined that there is an aura, and refers to it as the human biofield. Your aura or biofield is the protective layers of energy that surround your body. It is like your “space suit.” The aura protects you from unwanted energies as well as allowing beneficial energies to come through. The most powerful way to strengthen your aura to protect yourself from those unwanted energies is to do an exercise called the Celtic Weave.

Sweep your arms out from the sides and up overhead. Now weave them back and forth in front of your body as you lower your arms back down. Do this several times, including turning to both sides and even weave a little bit behind you. You may feel silly, but the electromagnetic power of your hands is literally weaving together and strengthening your aura.

2. Zip yourself up

The Zip-Up is a way to draw your energy up and keep you from feeling “drained.” This is another powerful way to protect your aura, especially from unwanted external influences.

Bring your hands in front of your pubic bone. On an inhale, sweep your hands directly up the front of your body to your lower lip. Exhale and lower your hands back down. Do this two more times.

3. Hook up

This is a companion to the Zip-Up and literally “secures” your energy to your body. It helps to seat the two techniques you just did so they stay with you energetically. It is another way to strengthen your aura against unwanted influence.

Place one finger in your bellybutton and another finger in between your eyebrows. Press in slightly and pull slightly up. Take three inhales, through the nose, and exhale through the mouth. Release and shake your hands off.

Try playing with these simple exercises and you’ll notice a huge shift in your energy, your calm, and your ability to enjoy the holiday season!


Photography: Mark Kuroda,