Why You Need an Indoor Plant (or Two)

Boost your mood and lower your stress by going green.

We know that pet owners are happier and healthier because of their furry pals, but what if you’re allergic to animal hair, or your landlords won’t allow you to have a pet? There’s a simple solution to your problem: Get an indoor plant!

Spending time outside in nature heals us and de-stresses our overactive brains—even just a glance out the window can improve our health. But sometimes, there just isn’t enough time in the day to go for a calming and energy-boosting walk outside.

In an article by Berkeley Wellness, research found that having something green and growing in your office space or home space can not only make your mood more positive, but lower your stress levels and clean up the air you breathe.

Because plants filter out toxins in the air, having an indoor plant can significantly impact your air quality. (Check out the 18 plants NASA labels as “indoor air filters.”) And plants have been known to enhance our moods and levels of productivity, by lowering stress and calming our minds and bodies.

Of course, be sure and get a plant you’re not allergic to, and keep any plants out of reach of small children and pets, as they could be harmful or poisonous if ingested.

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Photo credit: imnoom, Thinkstock