Five Ways to Reconnect With Mama Nature

While most people have lost touch with nature, it’s important that we make an effort to reconnect with it for our overall health and well-being. After all, the spirit longs to connect to the natural world!

Understanding nature helps us to understand ourselves, and connecting with nature helps us to connect with our authentic selves and feel unified with the whole of creation.

The history

Throughout history, people have grounded themselves in nature. That is, they have found peace and tranquility in their surroundings. In fact, Native Americans believe that they are a part of nature—not separate from nature, as many people experience today.

The benefits

There are so many emotional and physical benefits that come with simply spending time in nature.

A few health benefits of spending time in nature include the following:

The impact on spirituality and well-being

Nature itself is sacred. Every time you surround yourself with nature, you surround yourself with an expression of the divine.

In fact, you may begin to feel not as if you are “in” nature but as if you are a part of nature. The barrier between you and nature, or you and the divine, will become transparent and disappear completely!

You will feel a sense of connection and oneness with everything—a sense of transcendence.

Five ways to reconnect with Mama Nature

Here are five powerful ways to reconnect with Mother Nature today!


Take a deep breath outside and try to experience your breath fully.

A breath in nature is much different from a breath in the city. Feel this difference and appreciate it!

Then continue to explore your senses. What do you hear and see? Touch the trees, grass and bark. Don’t be afraid of the dirt—it’s actually a great way to become grounded and centered.

Examine how different landscapes make you feel. The desert may be associated with a much different emotion than the rainforest. Accept your feelings—whatever they may be—without judgment.


Visit nature so often that you find a favorite spot, and allow yourself to just “be” in this spot.

Escaping into nature is a perfect opportunity to discover your ability to just “be” in complete peace. Learn from nature’s patience. You don’t see it working hard or striving, but it still accomplishes what it must each season—slowly but surely and with a purpose.


Another way to connect with nature is to find an object to be present with, like a pine cone.

Once you find your object, describe it objectively. Become fully aware of it—all the curves and edges. Try to imagine what it would be like to be that object. Cultivating empathy for the natural world is a powerful way to reconnect!


Explore the stars and contemplate how small you are in comparison to the universe. Consider how everything you see is made from stardust. It’s pretty amazing to think about this and contemplate oneness.


Get quiet in nature and ask if it has any messages for you. Listen with your whole heart to what it tells you. Is it telling you to slow down or pay attention? Heed nature’s advice, for it is wise.

Take some time to go out in nature and revel in its beauty, its stillness and its wisdom. Allow yourself to recharge and re-center. You’ll be amazed by how you feel!

Photo credit: Blake Lisk, Unsplash