Go From Sweaty to Ready With These (Natural) Post-Workout Refreshers

You work out five days a week. You eat clean and plant-based. You foam-roll and hydrate and do everything you’re supposed to do to be healthy. (Go you!) But while your heart and lungs and liver may be feeling the love, you may be ignoring a really important organ—your largest one, in fact.

Your skin is your first line of defense. It protects you and works overtime to make sure you’re absorbing enough sunlight and releasing sweat when you move. So it’s important when you leave the gym or finish your workout to take care of your skin. But is what’s in the products you’re using natural and healthy?

We asked San Francisco–based hair and makeup artist Katie Nash to share her favorite all-natural products to use after a workout. Many of these products can be found online at Credo Beauty—a clean beauty store for natural makeup and organic skin care.


The products

Ursa Major Face Wipes remove makeup, oil, dirt or sweat post-workout. These hydrating and refreshing wipes are made with soothing aloe vera and green-tea leaf extract—just a few of the active ingredients that help these feel amazing on your skin after the gym.

If you have greasy or oil roots but don’t have time to wash and dry your hair after a workout, Captain Blankenship Mermaid Dry Shampoo is a talc-free alternative that uses arrowroot powder to absorb oil and give volume, and the essential oil of rose geranium smells incredible.

True Botanicals Muscle Release dissolves aches and tension with whole essential oils. Application is easy: Just roll on any sore spots post-workout and let Roman chamomile oil unwind your tight muscles as clary sage relieves inflammation.

Another favorite is True Botanicals Nutrient Mist in Calm. Great for hydrating, reducing inflammation and calming redness post-workout, this mist also can be used to set makeup. It contains blue chamomile, which is super anti-inflammatory, as well as algae extract, which protects and nourishes skin with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Make this mist the MVP of your post-workout regimen.

Many deodorants and antiperspirants contain harmful chemicals and aluminum. AER Deodorant is free of toxins (including aluminum) and is lightweight. It also smells amazing (essential oils to fight odor) and contains no talc. AER does have small amounts of baking soda, which can be an irritant to some.

No time for a shower? No problem. Yuni Shower Sheets are a great alternative if you are on the go. One sheet can clean your whole body! Peppermint and spearmint oil give a refreshing scent (no synthetic fragrance). You’ll want to let your skin dry for a minute or two before getting dressed. These are great for traveling, as well. (Hello, long plane flights!)

Photo credit: Mark Kuroda, kurodastudios.com