Seven Moves From Ariel Kiley to Attune to Your Inner Purpose

Intuition. Your gut. Instinct—whatever you choose to call it, we all possess an inner-guidance system that knows what is best for us, what path we should take, decisions we should make. Your body knows your deeper purpose from one moment to the next. But just how in tune with your inner knowing are you?

Your inner intelligence is always offering clues. Learn to hear them with these seven movements.

Move #1: Sensing Heartbeat and Breath

To invite introspection and inner listening.

Move #2: Assisted Soft Lateral Neck Stretch

To release tension from shoulder to ear.

Move #3: Chest Opener at the Wall

To stretch pectorals and soft tissues around the clavicle.

Move #4: Short Warrior 1 With Upper-Arm Stretch

To lengthen the entire side seam of fascia.

Move #5: Straddle Twist With Long Spine

For whole-body revolution.

Move #6: Single-Leg Knee-to-Chest Balance

Internalize your attention to find balance.

Move #7: Quiet Seat With Jnana Mudra

Engendering the posture and attitude of meditation will unify your inner intelligence with the outer world and set the stage for wise words and skillful action.

Photo and video credit: Mark Kuroda,