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Legs Like... Who's Smith?

by Scott G. on November 27, 2011

Yesterday I had a leg workout with my trainer Frank. I hate leg days with Frank… they're hard, they wipe me out and afterwards my legs feel like spaghetti.

I know I’ve had a good leg work out when I have to take the elevator down to the parking garage. I guess all of that is the point of having a trainer, pushing further than I'd push myself. ;)

I’m glad Frank pushes me because I usually don't work legs hard enough on my own.  I know I have to do legs because one of my goals is burning fat.  The leg muscles are the largest group of muscles in the body and getting these muscles going gives me the biggest bang for my buck from a calorie burning perspective.

The king of all leg exercises is the squat. Squats work all muscles in the leg at the same time. However, doing a squat properly isn't as easy as it looks.  You have to lower your butt towards the floor as if you’re sitting in a chair but I always feel like I am going to fall over backwards.  But today Frank re-introduced me to the Smith Machine.

A Smith Machine is an upright rack with a barbell that slides up and down on a track.  There are three great things about a Smith Machine:  First, the track is angled slightly backwards to help you keep proper form.  Second, the bar slides on a track so it helps your balance so won’t fall backwards. The third great thing is there's a safety catch built in. If you get in a bind, you can roll the barbell forward and it'll catch on the track so you won’t get squashed.

The bottom line is… this machine really helped me do a proper squat - resulting in a great leg workout. I highly recommend you try it out!