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Sweet Swaps

by ScottG. on January 9, 2012

No one ever said you had to neglect your sweet tooth. Ask an dietitian and he/she will tell you that any food can part of a healthy diet - you just need to learn how to limit the unhealthier choices to once in awhile and make healthier choices more often.

However, swapping out some of your favorite sweet treats with these tasty lower-calorie options and you'll be able to give in without totally giving up.  Before your weak moment, have some of these healthier alternatives handy:

DITCH: Ice cream
GRAB: Sorbet
REASON: Ice cream is dense with calories and fat but for some this cool, refreshing treat is the most satisfying option when sweet cravings kick in. Sorbet gives you the same frozen taste and satisfaction as ice cream without all the fat.  Plus you’ll save from 160 calories up to a whopping 560 calories per 8 ounce serving.


DITCH: Cookies
GRAB: Biscotti
REASON: Cookies are for monsters and kids. Biscotti on the other hand is a much healthier option that usually offers the same sweet craving satisfaction.  Generally, one piece of biscotti has about 125 to 150 calories. Of course, a fistful of cookies can easily quadruple that calorie count.

DITCH: Chocolate cake
GRAB: Angel food cake
REASON: Sure, you need to have something to put the candles in but why not swap out your regular birthday cake with a slice of angel food cake?  You can even add fresh fruit and still have a healthier birthday than last year.  A traditional birthday cake is packed with fat, sugar, and calories. There can be more than 300 calories in even a small sliver of cake. Make your wish come true with lighter, fluffier angel food cake, which has about 120 calories in a much larger slice.  Your birthday guests will even thank you.

DITCH: Milk chocolate
GRAB: Strawberries dipped in dark chocolate
REASON: Chocolate cravings may be the strongest pull on that sweet tooth, but a big bite of the typical milk chocolate bar will put you well over 200 calories. Compare that to a cup of strawberries at only 50 calories with a drizzling of darker chocolate and you'll save a boat load of calories.  A bonus, dark chocolate also contains healthy, cancer-figthing antioxidants.

Plan ahead and your sweet tooth won't get the best of you.  Also remember that size matters!  A small helping of even your favorite sweet will provide all the satisfaction you need.