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My Workout, MyTrek

by ScottG. on May 29, 2012

The MyTREK wireless pulse monitor is a great tool for helping you reach your fitness goals and get the most out of your workouts. Although historically used by runners, cyclists and other endurance athletes, heart rate training can help anyone work out more efficiently. There's a video at the bottom of this blog entry.

The MyTREK uses LED sensors in an armband that check how quickly your blood is being circulated, in other words, your heart rate. The MyTREK also uses an accelerometer to detect body movement and your smartphones GPS to calculate your distance and average speed during a workout.

Another super cool feature is the MyTREK talks to you. Some dude (or choose a female voice) chimes in telling you to speed up, slow down, etc. as you're working towards your goal. You can see your real time heart rate and a progress bar showing which target heart rate zone you're in. See the image to the right from my workout today.

You enter your gender, weight, age and your resting heart rate as a baseline. You then create workouts that specify they type of activity (walking, biking, etc. and the training zone you're aiming for (weight loss, fitness endurance, etc.). The last variable of the workout is your goal which could be the distance of your workout, the length of time or number of calories you want to burn.

When you start your workout, you choose the workout type that you've created and then click "start workout." When you're done working out, you click "stop workout" and the 

The image to the right is from my leg and back workout today with my trainer. It shows the length of my workout, the number of calories burned, average pulse and a graph showing details. You can slide that line across the graph to see your heart rate during that moment.

The spike I've highlighted at 157 bpm was during a grueling treadmill exercise my trainer likes to do. Basically you run on the treadmill WITHOUT the motor. That's right folks, you have to manually move the treadmill - I was so out of breath I thought I was going to die!

While the MyTREK gives you a lot of great information and it's easy to use, I think my bodybugg (reviewed here) is still my favorite (maybe it's just more famliar). I like the bodybugg's online food intake feature because I can see the calories I eat versus the calories I burn, etc. However, for people that don't want to mess with the food component or just want to focus on the productivity of their workouts, the MyTREK will be really helpful.