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Start Your Engines!

by ScottG. on June 13, 2012

Ready to get your motor revving? Like an engine, your resting metabolism is like your body's idle speed. Revving it up with cardio, diet and liquids will help you boost your metabolism into high gear - resulting in a higher overall calorie burn all day long. Below are some tips to help you rev your engine and boost your metabolism!

One thing I learned in college was that people are constant metabolizers and periodic eaters. What this means is we're always burning fuel but we only fill up our tanks a couple times per day. While this works, it's not efficient. The body goes into a survival mode... burning some fuels now and saving calories (as fat) between meals.

The solution... graze! Pass on the three square meals per day and opt for 4-6 smaller meals. Your body will have the fuel it needs to keep your engine running smoothly but it'll also limit the amount you can store as fat.

Carbohydrates have really gotten a bad rap. Another great lesson from college... anything in moderation is part of a healthy diet. From an energy standpoint, carbs are simple - quickly turned into fuel by your body. While excess carbs can easily become fat, their simplicity fuels the body and kicks your metabolism into high gear. Not enough carbs and your body goes back in to survival mode... burning more complex fuel, AKA your muscles. This is good news for pasta lovers like myself!

H2O is your body’s lubrication. Without it, your internal machine won’t run quite as smoothly. During the day, sip about 3 quarts (almost a gallon) of liquids. When you're working out for more than an hour, drink about two to three cups more than that.

Physiologically, your body wants to return to a resting state ASAP. Anything you can do to kick it into overdrive will pay off in the long haul. While doing cardio, throw in some intervals by increasing the resistance or speed for a minute or two. A couple of these intervals during your routine will wake up your engine and boost your metabolism into overdrive.