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The Early Wake Up Call

by ScottG. on June 20, 2012

Lately, my workout routine has become well... less routine. I like to exercise at lunch because it's a nice break from my desk. However, when work gets crazy - my workout often gets skipped. After missing a few workouts, I decided it was time for an early morning wake up call.

For many years, I used to hit the gym before work. It was part of my daily routine and I rarely missed a workout. The beauty of it was, no matter how busy or hectic my day got, I wouldn't be able to flake on the gym... because it's already been checked off! Here are some other things the I like about working out early in the day...

By working out before work, I feel like I have more energy throughout the day. I also feel mentally sharper and more productive which I'm sure my boss likes.

While you're sleeping, your metabolilsm slows to a snails pace. Rolling out of bed and getting to the gym early jump-starts your metabolism and you’ll burn more calories throughout the rest of your day.

By adopting a morning workout routine, I find that I flake on fewer workouts. Another bonus, after a week or two of consistently working out early, you'll become more used to it so it'll be less of a chore.

Only the strong are willing to commit to early morning workouts. Be one of the elite and you’ll be rewarded with fewer people and fewer distractions. With a less busy gym, you'll fly through your workout faster.

No one likes rush hour traffic except for big oil companies. Take advantage of your early departure and check out a gym closer to the office. You'll beat the regular morning traffic and you won't have road rage when you arrive. You may find that you get into the office earlier.