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Gym Etiquette - We're all in it together!

by ScottG. on October 3, 2012

Many of us have encountered people doing something inappropriate, annoying or disgusting at one time or another. On the other hand, maybe you’ve done something that someone else felt was inappropriate, annoying or disgusting. While many feel being considerate of others should be common sense, there's nothing wrong with a reminder now and then!

So, today's blog post is about gym etiquette - the small things all of us can do to make the gym a nicer place to be. Below are some ideas other community members shared, along with a couple of my own.


    24 Hour Fitness member JohnDeSousa says: "Two days ago a person during peak time and with the rack half empty had a set of dumbbells stacked on top of the others and using a third set. I asked if those were available and he said he is going to use them. Yesterday a person was using the barbells and had dumbbells standing by."

    We're all here for the same reason - to get in, workout and get out. Think of other members who are waiting by not sitting on equipment when you're not using it, taking three sets of dumbbells/barbells when it's busy or monopolizing cardio equipment while others are waiting.
    One of my pet peeves is when members treat the locker room like it's their own bathroom. Locker rooms are the hardest thing for us to keep clean and when people aren't picking up after themselves, things get really bad, really quickly. If everyone cleaned up after themselves (puddles, trash, etc.) the locker room would be a nicer place for everyone.
    Community member JohnDeSousa also mentions: "not putting back the weights on the rack. Staff does go through and do some clean up on this but I feel it is all of us members individual responsibility to put back what we use."

    This is always a good reminder. It's annoying to have to hunt all over the gym for a missing dumbbell or unloading someone else’s weights. Aside from being annoying, some people may have trouble removing a 45-pound plate. The way I see it, if you can put weights on and lift them repeatedly, one more lift to put it back will only add to your workout.
    This is probably the one we hear the most – people not wiping down equipment after using it. Towels are mandatory but not everyone uses them on the equipment. Please wipe down the seats, pads, etc. so the next person doesn’t have to deal with it. If you’re an excessive sweater, bring two towels – one for you and one for the equipment! We also have paper towels and disinfectant spray if it’s needed.
    Community member jlm says: "i agree with all the comment above. i don't think people take care of the gym the way they would if they owned it. i would never slam stuff around like see people doing sometimes and i always tell staff when something is broken so it can get fixed.”

    Taking care of equipment should be a no-brainer. However, many people don't realize how important it is to let your club staff know when something is broken. Our Team Members may not be able to use every piece of equipment every day and the fastest way to get something fixed is by letting us know. Please don't assume that we already know or that someone else has told... speak up.

    I guess gym etiquette is a lot like other things in life: treat others how you'd like to be treated. What may be common sense for one person, someone else may never even think about it. If everyone thought about how their behavior affected other members, the gym would be a nicer place to be.