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Motivation Monday's: Act Your Way Into The Feeling

by GrahamB. on February 11, 2013

I wish I felt like exercising every day. I really do but the reality is we're all human and every day is different. Some days I have more energy or more enthusiasm, while other days I feel tired, frustrated, and lethargic. The only thing that is consistent is how I feel after I workout: AWESOME!

It seems that one of the only consistent parts of my day is how much better I feel after I workout. I have learned to count on that incredible feeling of satisfaction that comes after working out. I have learned to anticipate and crave the wonderful reward of exercising. Because the great feeling comes after I workout I have developed a skill that has helped tremendously. This skill is called “Acting Your Way Into The Feeling”.

Most of us “Feel Our Way Into Action”. Meaning if we don’t feel like working out, then we won’t workout. The problem with this strategy is that we don’t consistently FEEL like working out. The great news is that we can consistently “Act Our Way Into The Feeling”. This is also called Reframing. Learn to reframe feelings of fatigue and stress. Instead of those feelings making you not workout – have those feelings be the trigger to working out.     

Let me share a great story with you to explain what I mean. For the last 10 years of my life I have worked as a performance coach. I help athletes and fitness enthusiasts learn to perform at their best when their best is needed. A common challenge for athletes and performers is dealing with being “nervous” before the performance. Let’s call it pressure. During a session with a professional basketball player I asked him to tell me about pressure and how it affected him. He looked me right in the eyes and said “what you call pressure, I call joy”. I was a little surprised by his answer so I asked him “what does joy feel like to you?” He told me that “joy felt like his heart was racing a thousand miles an hour, he had lots of butterflies in his stomach, he was going to use the bathroom on himself, and his palms were sweating.” I said “that’s joy?” and he replied “that is joy because when I feel those feelings I remind myself that I am going to play basketball – and I love playing basketball.”

Remind yourself to go workout when you feel stressed, tired, anxious, worried, or any other challenging feeling. Act Your Way Into The Feeling – the Joy comes later!