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Team Member Spotlight - Personal Trainer Andre C.

by Sandi L. on July 23, 2013

We have a lot of talented personal trainers here at 24 Hour Fitness. Today we'd like to spotlight Andre C., a personal trainer from our Balboa Super-Sport location in San Diego, CA

With a BS in Business Marketing from San Diego State and a background in sports including three years of college basketball, Andre has the knowledge and skills to help his clients achieve their fitness goals!

Andre started participating in sports when he was a kid, continued through college and has been making fitness his career at 24 Hour Fitness since 2008. We recently caught up with Andre to find out what motivates him and how he helps clients achieve their goals.

24HF:  How do you keep my clients workouts fresh?
AC: Log everything that they do and I always make sure there is a way to progress the exercise. I want to make sure that they are having fun at the same time, and I always ask my clients to let me know what they like doing best and what exercise they want to try that they have seen but haven't tried yet.

24HF:  When you're not at the gym, where would we find you?
AC:  Working out somewhere else super vigorously to maintain my current state of beast mode-ness. Running sprint intervals up Cowles mountain, or a beach run. You can also catch me gazing out the windows of my car at Sunset Cliffs... water is very calming to me. If I'm not doing one of those things I'm listening to loud obnoxious rap music.

24HF: What motivates you to workout and stay in shape?
AC:  I am currently giving my all to try and fulfill a life long dream of playing in the NFL. I will get there....

24 HF:  What is one thing you can't live without?
AC:  Music  

24HF:  Why did you become a trainer?
Playing sports from a very young age my whole life has been a workout, so working out is all I know. I always knew I wanted to be around sports or fitness in some sense as a career. I was taught the value of helping others from my Mom, so the first day I became a trainer it just felt right.

24HF:  How do you motivate your clients?
I tell my clients that its really easy to loose weight or obtain a fitness goal, it really is... ONLY when your consistent, its hard being consistent! My clients know they are expected to do homework outside of our 1 on 1 sessions. They have cardio programs and maintenance workouts in which they are to report to me so I can visually see them and they then can let me know that they have completed their cardio or non-session workout. I also check up to see when they checked in at gym, trust no one! ;)

24HF:  Share a client success story you are most proud of?
AC:  I'm most proud of my two recent success stories. One client has been working out with me for the last six months and really was a big pain in my rear to work with. He would fight with me in regards to every exercise I wanted him to do. "Lets stretch," "No it hurts and its not going to help me get a six - pack," "OK, lets do crunches," "no they are too hard." Well about 60 pounds later he has a six pack, single digit BF% [body fat percentage] and is now interested in becoming a personal trainer. He really wants to obtain the knowledge about training.

Another client I let go a year ago who no longer needed me. She lost close to 40 pounds and her confidence is through the roof. The best part is that she admitted to me that she is now addicted to fitness and working out. That's the first time anyone has said that to me. She is already helping people by using the tools she learned to lead to her transformation. Pay it forward!

To find out more about Andre, check out his online bio here.