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A Better Life Through Exercise

by Sandi L. on August 31, 2013

John M. from our Rancho Penasquitos Sport club in San Diego, CA is living better with a regular exercise routine. From speeding up recovery from a knee replacement to easing the symptoms of Parkinson’s, John feels that his level of physical activity is higher than it’s been in years. We hope you find John’s story as inspiring as we do!

Here's John's story:
"For the last 40 years, I have been very active and enjoyed a regular exercise program. In 2010, I developed osteoarthritis in my right knee, causing it to deteriorate to the point where I could barely walk or stand. After knee replacement surgery in 2012, I completed a successful rehabilitation program and then decided to see what 24 Hour Fitness had to offer to supplement the physical therapy recommended by my physician."

"I met with Personal Trainer Lucas M. at Rancho Penasquitos Sport and he assessed my goals. As we discussed my options, I told him that I also suffer from Parkinson’s Disease (PD). Although there is no cure for the disease, studies show that regular exercise is vital to maintaining balance, mobility and daily activities. Lucas suggested that we modify my fitness plan to include PD related exercises."

"At the end of six weeks I was noticing a difference. My strength was increasing, my balance had improved and there was no longer any pain in my knee. These initial successes gave me confidence and I had the opportunity to participate in a project designed specifically for individuals with PD."

"A year later, I continue to experience new milestones in my recovery. I have fully integrated the exercises I learned from Lucas and the PD project. I no longer use a cane to walk and on most occasions my gait and posture are within the normal range. My right knee has fully recovered and I am now reaching a level of physical activity that I’ve haven’t seen in many years."

"The solution to my osteoarthritis was replacement of my knee combined with an intensive post-surgery rehabilitation effort. The solution to my Parkinson’s isn’t as clean. The exercise routines I have adopted will not cure me; however, they have translated into a better life for me every day. My confidence is up and in some abstract way I feel that I’ve taken back a little control in my life. This was only possible through the combined efforts of my physicians, physical therapists, family, friends and the folks at 24 Hour Fitness."