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Forgetting Something? Part 3

by Scott G. on December 3, 2013

This is part three in our series about muscle groups commonly forgotten at the gym. If you missed the first two blog posts, you can find part 1 – The Forgotten Shoulder Complex here and part 2 – The Forgotten Hip Flexors here. Today we’re all about the core muscles!

You may think you’ve got your middle covered when you do sit-ups or planks at the end of your workout, but odds are you’re not targeting the deep, internal abdominal and lower back muscles that make up this area. “The best part about working these lesser-known core muscles is that when they’re strong, they help stabilize your entire body during any activity, preventing all kinds of injuries,” says Mark A., Fitness Manager at our Carlsbad Sport location in Carlsbad, CA.

Once again, squats are a great way to tackle your entire trunk effectively. During a squat, you use all of your core muscles to keep your balance – a perfect two for one. This time, try holding a barbell on top of your traps (on your shoulders just behind your neck). Holding the weight higher up will cause more instability, requiring the core muscles to work harder to control your body. Again, be careful not to lean too far forward.

Stay tuned, next Tuesday will look at the mid-trapezius – the last in our series Forgetting Something.