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Exercise Helped Grace Beat Cancer

by Sandi L. on January 7, 2014

Member Grace beat cancer with exercise. During her recovery, Group X Instructor Shawndee from our Carlsbad Sport club in California was a source of inspiration and encouragement – just the thing Grace needed.

Here’s Grace’s story:
Two years ago I was diagnosed with stage IV cancer and was given a poor prognosis for survival. When I received the news, I questioned a lot of things – wondering how something like this could happen when I prided myself on working out to stay strong and healthy. I started the battle and underwent dense-dose chemotherapy, surgery and finally radiation. In the end, I was a poor example of a corpse. However, I later realized that being committed to fitness was the only way I was able to survive and win the battle.

After all the treatment, I suffered some residual side effects and a weakened state of being. I could only do simple water exercises and ride a stationary bike to start, but slowly I gained momentum and stamina. Eventually I was able to return to some Group X classes that I loved. When I was able to start taking classes again, I was so excited and happy to see Shawndee still teaching. She is an incredible person who infuses her classes with joy, encouragement and kindness and makes working out purely enjoyable. For me to fight this disease I need a healthy mind and body, both of which Shawndee contributes to every single time I take her class; she is a lifesaver!

Thank you Shawndee and 24 Hour Fitness for providing a great place for me to pursue a long and healthy life!