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John and Bonnie - Getting Healthier Together

by Sandi L. on February 25, 2014

“My doctor told me to keep up the good work!” Bonnie and her husband John are getting healthier and losing weight @24HourFitness and their doctor couldn’t be happier. Get John & Bonnie’s story here! #healthyliving

Two Years ago I joined 24 Hour Fitness. At the time I had high blood pressure and was overweight. I was also quite out of shape. For the last two years, I have been taking aqua classes along with SilverSneakers. The classes helped me lose 30 pounds and return my blood pressure to normal again.  I also do the treadmill and bike when my wife is in Zumba Gold.

I was also facing knee surgery when I joined 24 Hour Fitness but I've been able to put off the surgery due to my workout routine. Thank you 24 Hour Fitness for the senior classes you offer. A special thanks to Group X Instructor Ken S. for all of the help over the last two years. You have made a difference in my life.

I also started going to 24 Hour Fitness almost two years ago with my husband. High blood pressure and high cholesterol run in my family and I had been on medication for both for around ten years. In less than a year of going to SilverSneakers, Aqua Zumba Gold classes, I not only lost weight but my doctor took me off of all of my medication. My blood pressure and cholesterol are good now and I have kept the weight off.

My left ankle used to be very weak and I sprained it many times. Thanks to these classes my ankles are much stronger and my balance is also better. I never enjoyed exercise before but now I love my classes! I have made many wonderful friends. The classes are fun and the instructors are great.