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Yo-Yo No More!

by Scott G. on March 11, 2014

Yo-yoing up and down on the scale is unhealthy and definitely frustrating. Check out these six easy tips that can help you reel in the yo-yo and help you maintain a #healthyweight.

  1. Exercise – keep it up! Regular physical activity burns calories and helps maintain a healthy weight. Make time for 30 minutes of activity everyday.
  2. Conquer the calorie. After reaching your goal weight, your calorie intake should be adjusted to a maintenance level. Try adding 250 calories per day for one week and watch what happens on the scale. If you’re still losing, add another 250 calories every week until your weight stops fluctuating.
  3. Eat breakfast – a healthy breakfast helps regulate blood sugar and boosts metabolism after an overnight fast. Furthermore, people who skip breakfast report feeling hungrier and tend to overeat throughout the day.
  4. Get a NEW goal – once you’ve hit your healthy weight, it’s time for new goals that’ll help you maintain your weight. Goals should be relatable and achievable within a couple months. Goals like completing a 5K, adding 20 pounds to your squats or fitting into a new outfit should do the trick.
  5. Portion distortion – food portions are larger than ever. Keep portions in check by looking at serving sizes on packaged foods and slimming down ginormous restaurant portions. A great restaurant tip: split an entrée with a friend or pack up half in a to-go container before you dig in.
  6. Veg out. Fruit and veggies are low in fat and calories, jam-packed with vitamins and minerals and their high fiber content will help you feel fuller longer. Dip veggies in low-calorie salsa for snacks and make them the main course during meals.