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Foodie Friday - Creamy Butternut Squash Lasagna

by Scott G. on January 17, 2014

Usually the word “creamy” in the title of a recipe suggest it’s not going to be healthy. However, our meatless creamy squash lasagna, with less butter and cheese, still hits the healthy mark.


Foodie Friday - Tuscan Chicken

by Scott G. on January 10, 2014

Today’s #healthyrecipe will fill you up without filling you out! Our hearty Tuscan Chicken with Cannellini Beans, with only four main ingredients, will give you a taste of sun-drenched Tuscany in the middle of winter. Best of all, you’ll have it on your table in a healthy heartbeat!


Exercise Helped Grace Beat Cancer

by Sandi L. on January 7, 2014

Member Grace beat cancer with exercise. During her recovery, Group X Instructor Shawndee from our Carlsbad Sport club in California was a source of inspiration and encouragement – just the thing Grace needed.


Foodie Friday - Beef & Eggplant Rigatoni

by Scott G. on January 3, 2014

Another remade Italian classic! Our healthier version of Beef Rigatoni uses extra lean ground beef and eggplant – all the flavor and meaty texture with half the fat and calories.


Are Your Goals SMART Enough?

by Colt K. on January 2, 2014

It's a new year and a perfect opportunity to think about what you'd like to work towards over the next 12 months. When it comes to health and fitness, setting exercise goals is an often-overlooked piece of the pie. While just showing up at the gym may work for some, most people need a clearly defined path and end point – a plan and a GOAL.