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Five Things You Didn’t Know Protein Powder Can Do

July 27, 2015

If younger-looking skin or weight loss – or several other changes – are your health or fitness goals, you’ll want to slow down and take a closer look at what’s on the shelf, the next time you’re passing by the protein powders at the store or the gym.


Jake’s New Take

July 23, 2015

Learn the secrets of Jake Gyllenhaal’s transformation for his newest movie, “Southpaw,” opening in theaters on July 24.


Find Your Flow

July 21, 2015

Runner’s high…being “in the zone”…whether you’re working on a project and the next thing you know, hours have passed, or you find yourself already five miles into your training run, you know you’re in a flow state when your sense of self and time passing have vanished. According to the Flow Genome Project, flow is the point when “action and awareness merge.”


First-timer’s Guide to Personal Training

July 13, 2015

Starting with a personal trainer is a commitment, and even once you’ve decided you want expert help to get to your goal, it can be intimidating if you don’t know what to expect. So we asked Josh Buchbinder, M.S., fitness manager at 24 Hour Fitness Parker-Arapahoe Super Sport in Aurora, Colo. to tackle some of the trepidation. Here’s his checklist for what to expect – and ask for.


Breathe Smart Now, Feel Great Later

July 8, 2015

Heart rate may be a familiar way to measure your exertion, but what happens between the beats is just as or even more important, as we explained in a previous post on heart rate variability. The interval between heartbeats is an indicator of your autonomic nervous system function. The more stressed your system is (even if you’re sitting still at your desk, worrying about the report that was due 30 minutes ago), the more regular that interval becomes. Lower stress levels produce greater heart rate variability.