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24 Hour Fitness Teams up with The V Foundation for Cancer Research

Every 4 minutes, someone is diagnosed with a blood cancer. Leukemia, Hodgkin and non-Hodgkin lymphoma and myeloma account for 9.5 percent of all new cancer cases diagnosed within the United States this year. At such a high rate, researchers are doing everything they can – and more – to fight the statistics and find a cure. The V Foundation for Cancer Research donates 100% of all cash donations and net proceeds from events to cancer research in the form of grants to researchers and institutions. Scientists credit The V Foundation for awarding grants to those projects that struggle to find funding elsewhere.

Because of The V Foundation’s continued dedication to donating 100% of all cash donations, we rely on the generosity of sponsors, such as 24 Hour Fitness, to help us get our word out. By donating today, you will be helping us reach our goal of raising $1 million for leukemia research. The difference is that you know your dollar will be going towards groundbreaking medical research, instead of stamps and stationery. Join 24 Hour Fitness in the fight against Leukemia!  Click the “Donate Now” button below and contribute to the V Foundation’s fundraising efforts.  We are One Team, One Cause.

One Team One Cause: Coming Together to Fight Leukemia

About The V Foundation for Cancer Research

It has been just 15 years since The V Foundation for Cancer Research was founded by ESPN and Jim Valvano. And what significant work has been accomplished during that time! Since 1993, The V Foundation has raised more than $80 million and awarded cancer research grants in 38 states and the District of Columbia. Researchers have developed their laboratories and taken their science from the labs to the clinics with the help of funds raised by The V Foundation.

The V Foundation started with the dream of Jim Valvano, the passionate and committed former NC State basketball coach and award-winning broadcaster, as he battled cancer. Wanting to see the battle through to victory, Valvano recruited friends and family to lead The V Foundation in his quest to eradicate the disease that ultimately claimed his life. With a dire need for early developmental, critical-stage grant support, the Foundation was formed to assist the brilliant young researchers that will eventually find cures for cancer.

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