It’s Better Together: 24 Hour Fitness® Members Look and Feel More Fit after Less than Two Months of Group Exercise

Recent Member Poll Reveals Improved Sleep Habits, Sense of Accomplishment and Increased Energy as Top Benefit


San Ramon, Calif. - June 4 ,2013

A recent member poll from 24 Hour Fitness reveals participation in group exercise classes delivers a variety of emotional and physical health benefits. The findings were part of a recent survey conducted among more than 500 members of 24 Hour Fitness. Among the top positive physical effects reported, increased energy (74 percent), enhanced muscle tone (71 percent) and improved endurance (71 percent) ranked as the highest, while a sense of accomplishment (67 percent) and improved sleeping habits (46 percent) ranked as top mental benefits.

With most seeing results in less than two months (73 percent) of participation, 38 percent of group exercise participants reported noticing benefits in less than one month. According to the poll, respondents said their favorite Group X® classes included indoor cycling, Les Mills BODYPUMP™ and boot camps. Nearly half of the respondents (49 percent) said they attend these classes an average of two to three times per week.

Consumers can find out which group exercise class might be the best fit for their health and wellness goals by taking a look at the Find Your Path to Fitness infographic published by 24 Hour Fitness.

In addition to the reported benefits, 24 Hour Fitness shares a few other bonuses to adding group exercise classes to any workout regimen:

24 Hour Fitness aims to provide a convenient, engaging and effective workout experience for members of all fitness levels. To learn more about the classes offered at your nearby 24 Hour Fitness club and to try one, visit where you can look up Group X class schedules and download a free pass.


About the 24 Hour Fitness® Member Poll

The 24 Hour Fitness member poll examining the health and wellness benefits of club members, was fielded among 533 club members of 24 Hour Fitness, adults age 18 and older, across the U.S. from Dec. 5-16, 2012.

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