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Leg Exercises

There are many muscles in our legs that perform a variety of functions.  The main groups of leg muscles include the quads and hamstrings above the knee and the calves below the knee.  The legs are the largest group of muscles in our body, if you're looking for exercises that will help you burn more calories... exercising the legs is a must!

The quads consist of four muscles located in the front part of the thigh.  They are extensors of the knee joint that lift the lower part of the leg.  They also help in hip flexion.  They are used to run, walk, jump and squat.

The hamstrings consist of three muscles located in the back part of the thigh.  They do the opposite of the quads and are also used extensively during many daily activities.

The calf muscle consists of two muscles located on the back lower portion of the leg.  The calves help you point your toes, stabilize your ankles and assist in many other leg movements.

Standing Barbell Squat

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