Personal Trainer Success with Agnes F. from Redlands, CA

Going to the gym can be an uncomfortable experience, especially if you don’t know anyone or have a gym buddy.  When I first walked into 24 Hour Fitness, I felt very intimidated by everyone who knew how to work the equipment and was able to lift weights in the daunting weight room.

I expressed my interest in a trainer to Mike, a gentleman in management and Agnes was recommended to me.  I had worked with female trainers before and was extremely disappointed because of their lack of interest in both my goals and well-being, so I was a little apprehensive to even meet Agnes.  Mike assured me that I was in good hands.

During our first meeting, Agnes introduced herself and got right to work, and let me tell you, Mike wasn’t kidding.  To describe Agnes would be a mix of Yoda and Jillian Michaels, only nicer.  She actually cares for her clients and works with them to attain their goals.

She has helped me to gain strength (in places I didn’t even know I had muscles) and confidence in my appearance.  Her way of training is nothing short of different, as every time I train with her, she has me doing exercises that make me look like a crab, or an 80’s dancer.  She is so much fun and she is consistently looking for ways to keep the sessions different.

She encourages different eating habits and makes the menu easy to follow.  I cannot say enough about Agnes.  She is a fabulous person and a tremendous trainer.  I even got my husband to train with her.  Although he was skeptical, just like me, he has found her workouts very challenging.

We both love the way she pushes, but not past the point of exhaustion.  She has the innate ability to read a person’s body and push it as far as it can go, which is exactly what we wanted, or otherwise, we wouldn’t need a trainer.  Anyone looking for that extra push, that ‘something’ that is missing from their workout, must sign with Agnes.  They will not be disappointed!  We’re certainly not.

24 Hour Fitness member
Helena C. from Redlands, CA