24 Hour Fitness Member Eric L. has Success with Personal Trainer Jennifer G.

There are three reasons why I train with Jen:

  1. I work harder with Jen then I could on my own.
  2. She can modify the workout around certain issues I might have with my body.
  3. Not only does she create a great workout she genuinely cares about me.  I have two examples of this-
    • I am a type 1 diabetic.  Before our first session Jen did research on her own time and had several questions to ask me.
    • Jen was on vacation in Hawaii.  During her vacation I crashed my dirt bike and broke my collar bone and broke 2 ribs.  She called me at home, from Hawaii to see how I was doing.

Not only is Jen a great trainer she is a wonderful person.

24 Hour Fitness member
Eric L. from Redlands, CA