With the help of Personal Trainer Annette, Tamara R. Had the Confidence to Change Her Dress Size

Before - 24 Hour Fitness member Tamara R. 

I never really thought about seeing a personal trainer. I've been fairly slim all my life and I ran regularly.

As the years went by, I noticed that my dress size gradually increased. I just assumed it was a natural part of aging and while I did not like it, I was starting to accept it.

That all changed when I moved to a new job in Los Angeles. I knew a colleague who noticeably dropped some weight and I was impressed (and jealous!). So, I went with him one day to try out the gym and meet his trainer, Annette.

I liked her immediately and decided to sign up for a few sessions as a trial run. Well, I've been seeing Annette now for a year and couldn't be more pleased with the results!

Since seeing Annette, I have dropped those last stubborn 23 pounds and dropped 6% body fat. Most importantly (to me...), I'm in the same dress size that I was in while in college and I NEVER thought I would ever be that size again!

I could not have done this without Annette. While she does push me, she does it with respect and does not become overbearing. With her help, I have gained the confidence to not just accept my dress size, but to change it.

24 Hour Fitness member
Tamara R.. - Glendale, CA

After - 24 Hour Fitness member Tamara R.