Personal Trainer Helps 67-Year Change His Life

I have worked with Ann for about one year. I met her just after I had completed prescribed physical therapy designed to relieve symptoms induced by a couple of degenerating lumbar discs. My wife, who had recently begun working with Ann, suggested that working with Ann to improve my general physical condition could only add to the benefits from the physical therapy. So I met with Ann, and we began a program she designed to improve my strength and general physical condition.

This program has been remarkably successful. We have concentrated on improving my general strength, with a heightened focus on strengthening my core muscle groups, and increasing my flexibility.  Ann has helped me pursue these goals while working around the limitations imposed by my potentially unstable lumbar spine and my cartilage-damaged knees.

The results have been life changing. Prior to working with Ann I had trouble climbing stairs, could not stand without significant back pain, and often (during the course of a year) would experience episodes where my lumbar spine would “go out” and I would be in significant, almost debilitating pain for several days.

Today, my strength and flexibility have greatly increased, I can stand for relatively long periods of time without great discomfort, and my back has “gone out” only once in the last year. As I said, life changing.

24 Hour Fitness member Jack S.
from Glendale, CA