Because of Maggie C., Personal Training Client Termsri H. Can Do What She Wants

I'm Termsri H.  I'm 76 years old, diabetic and I'm a full knee replacement patient.  I painfully hobbled in on the elevator to my first training session with Maggie C. Maggie asked me about my pain level as I trembled through my first few exercises.  I said to her, "no pain, no gain!"  She smiled at me and we instantly created a bond.

I was very motivated by her interest in my well being, and I had only expected to improve my function to the knee from surgery to some degree. Within time, my blood sugar came down to normal range, I dropped 17 pounds of body fat, I regained not only my mobility, range of motion, but developed strength that I didn't have even prior to my surgery.

All my doctors were so pleased and said that I surpassed all their expectations. Because I fully recovered, I was able to take a trip to my homeland.  My family was so happy to see how well I was doing. I am 76 years old and I can do whatever I want to do because of Maggie C.
76 - year old Termsi H. doing the splits.
Termsi H. doing a reverse hyper_extension.