24 Hour Fitness Personal Trainer Cetera B. Practices What She Preaches


Personal Trainer and Assistant Fitness Manager Cetera B. from our Miami Cutler Ridge Sport club is not only a successful Personal Trainer, she's also an award winning body builder. Not believing in the "do as I say - not as I do" approach, Cetera practices what she preaches in the gym and the results speak for themselves.

We asked Cetera how she felt about competing:

"Never in my life would I have imagined that I'd ever be a competitor in a Body Building Competition. I was always so convinced that 'real' sports took place on the track, field or court. Placing 2nd at the 2011 Sunshine State Natural Classic helped open my eyes to a whole new world of what competing is all about: having passion for what you do and striving to be the best at it! Now I can take my 15 years of fitness training to a whole new level."

24 Hour Fitness Team Member
Cetera B. - Miami, FL

We're proud to have Cetera on our team and wish her the best in upcoming competitions.