24 Hour Fitness Member Kimmie F. Has Taken Her Workouts to the Next Level

Kimmie F. before
Kimmie F. after

Personal training with Cynthia was the best decision I have ever made for myself.  I began training when I started school because I knew I would have very little time and energy to dedicate to my health goals.

In the past, I have trained for half marathons with friends to lose college weight and improve my overall health. When I moved to Glendale, I wanted to learn how to reshape and better train my body for endurance and core strength.

Cynthia has done an amazing job helping me to achieve my personal goals, keeping me motivated, adjusting my routines as necessary, and teaching me new techniques.

Having the time scheduled and knowing Cynthia is holding me accountable keeps me on track.  I have recommended personal training to my friends and family members because Cynthia has impressed me so much.

24 Hour Fitness member Kimmie F.
from Glendale, AZ