24 Hour Fitness + Personal Trainer Rod G. in Phoenix, AZ = Happy Julie B.

Hi, my name is Julie.  I’m 44 and this is my 24 Hour Fitness weight loss story with my personal trainer Rod G.  All my life, I was a thin, athletic person. I played sports in high school and college and I had good nutrition and health knowledge. In 2003 I suffered a back injury and consequently lost my job.

I was out of work and depressed. I was a closet eater and gained a lot of weight.  I never bought bigger size clothes instead I bought draw string or elastic styles. I stayed this way for over four years.  After a visit to the doctor and being told that I had high blood pressure I finally in Oct of 2006 joined the 24 Hour Fitness family and hired Rod on to be my personal trainer.

I worked out with Rod 2 times per week and did cardio 3 times.  The workouts are never easy but always worth it and two days later when my muscles are sore I always smile to myself and again know that it’s all worth it. To date I have lost over 40 pounds, dropped 10 sizes in my clothes and over 20% on my Body Fat. 24 Hour Fitness and my Personal Trainer Rod plus Me equals weight loss which equals Happiness!!!!!!!!!!