What to Expect in Your First STRONG by Zumba Class

Zumba takes on interval training with its new class, STRONG.

A worldwide dance phenomenon, Zumba is known for its Latin beats, hip-swiveling moves and high-energy atmosphere. But last year, Zumba launched a new class: STRONG by Zumba, and it’s nothing like the popular dance class you may know and love.

If you’re a Zumba fan, or are just interested in trying a new class format, here are three things to know before you step into your first STRONG class.

It’s NOT a dance class

If you love high-intensity interval training, martial arts and beat-driven music, this is the workout class for you. But newbies be advised: This is not a dance class. In STRONG by Zumba, you’ll use your own bodyweight to push yourself through a HIIT-like workout.

In this one-hour class, you’ll do everything from traditional squats and lunges to burpees, shuffles, kicks, punches, push-ups and all sorts of core-sculpting moves as you work out to EDM and hip-hop inspired beats. Many of the moves come from traditional martial arts classes (sidekicks, back kicks, front kicks, punches, cross hooks).

Short on time and can’t squeeze the 60-minute format into your schedule? No sweat. In January 2019, STRONG by Zumba is introducing a 30-minute version of the high-intensity, full-body workout, called STRONG 30, so you don’t have to skip a single workout.

It’s broken into four quadrants

The music is uber exclusive

Unlike other group exercise classes, the music for STRONG was reverse-engineered to match the moves, which were established first. This reverse-engineering is a first in the world of fitness. With music by famed DJ Steve Aoki and music producer Timbaland, STRONG has exclusive music made just for the class, with EDM and hip-hop rhythms that you won’t hear anywhere else.

Interested in trying STRONG by Zumba? Find it at a 24 Hour Fitness near you.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Zumba