What to Expect From Your First Personal Training Session

Here are six things that will probably happen during your first personal training consultation.

So you’ve signed up to work out with a trainer—awesome! But now you’re nervous about your first session. Will she ask about my eating (and drinking) habits? Will he make me do as many push-ups as possible so he can assess my fitness level?

Relax. There’s nothing to sweat over. (Pun intended). Here are six things—some that may surprise you—that will probably happen during your session.

You’ll reveal your big why

This one might seem obvious—your trainer wants to know why you signed up to work with them. What is actually driving you to make a change? What is your bigger purpose in the world, and how does that impact the reason you want to get fit in the first place?

But this is so much more than “I want to lose weight” or “I want a six-pack.” Your trainer wants to know the deeper why—that you want to get in shape because you want to be able to play with your kids, or run your first marathon, or that heart disease runs in your family and you want to preemptively keep your heart as healthy as possible. Really consider your big “why”—this will not only get you through the gym doors, but will keep you focused and motivated, and help your trainer more effectively tailor a program to your needs.

You’ll get weighed, and they’ll measure body fat

One of the first things you and your trainer will do (after all the paperwork, of course) is hop on the scale—running shoes and all. This baseline weight will be recorded, so you and your trainer can track your progress. But remember: Weight training usually means the number on the scale will go up, and that’s not a bad thing.

So how do you know if it’s working? Your trainer will typically ask if you want to do a body fat measurement. This will also track your progress—as you build muscle and shed fat, the number on the scale may increase, but the body fat number should decrease, leaving you feeling lean and mean.

You’ll go back to basics

Squats, lunges, kettlebell swings. Your trainer will have you do some basic movements after your initial assessment and paperwork, in order to assess your skill and fitness levels. From there, he or she will be able to better tailor your workout for future sessions. At this time, he or she will also ask you if you have any injuries, areas of interest or goals.

You’ll sweat—seriously

While the first half of your session will be paperwork and a general walk-through, you will get a mini-workout in during the second half of the session, so be prepared to sweat a little. (That’s what you came for, right?)

You’ll become BFFs with your trainer

OK, maybe not best friends. After all, this person is making you do burpees, push-ups, squats … But you’ll want to have an open line of communication—whether that’s questions about a specific workout, or your frantic text telling him/her you’ll be late to your 6 a.m. session because you slept through your alarm. (Oops.)

You’ll have homework

We know what you’re thinking: This isn’t school, so why is there homework? You’re right, this isn’t school. But fitness doesn’t happen overnight—it takes dedication and consistency.

You and your trainer will outline the month ahead and plan your workouts—with and without your trainer. You will commit to working out a certain number of times per week in whatever ways you choose, and your trainer will hold you accountable to those workouts. This schedule will help you set a discipline. And discipline is crucial to overall fitness and health.

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