Active Classes for Aging Well

From Silver Sneakers® classes to gentle aquatics workouts, help maintain your health and cardiovascular fitness while having fun with other active adults.

SilverSneakers® & Adult Fitness Classes

SilverSneakers® Classes image

SilverSneakers® Classes

Have fun and move to the music through a variety of exercises designed to increase muscular strength, range of movement and activities for daily living. Hand-held weights, elastic tubing with handles, and a SilverSneakers ball are offered for resistance. A chair is used for seated and/or standing support. Check with your healthcare provider to see if SilverSneakers classes are covered for you.

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SilverSneakers® Yoga

Come together in a supportive environment and move through a series of gentle poses. Chair support is offered so you can perform seated and standing postures designed to increase flexibility, balance and range of movement. Restorative breathing exercises and final relaxation promote stress reduction and mental clarity.

Senior Fitness image

Senior Fitness

Whether you are a fitness class enthusiast or new to group workouts, you can customize this class to meet your needs as an older adult. Strength, endurance, mobility and flexibility are all components of the workout.

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Zumba Gold®

Created for active adults or any beginning Zumba participant, this class uses the same fun Zumba dance fitness recipe and is a combination of fast and slow synchronized movements designed to keep you in shape and burn calories. The class is set to great music to keep you motivated and loving every minute.

More GX24® Classes Fit for Active Adults

Aqua image


Tone and sculpt your body without impacting your joints. This popular water workout uses buoyant weights and noodles to deliver an awesome cardio and resistance workout. Dive in and experience it for yourself.

Yoga image


A physical approach to the yoga practice connecting postures, movement and breathing. Our yoga classes are an empowering way to help improve strength and flexibility, tone the body, decrease stress and enhance body awareness.

Cycle image


Cycle your way to the ultimate fitness results. Rides are set to a motivational soundtrack and may vary and blend technique, intervals, resistance rides, climbs and sprints for a fun, challenging and rewarding cardio experience.

Barre image


Get ready to plié and relevé, tuck and tone with this barre inspired conditioning class. Enhance your flexibility, elevate your cardiovascular fitness and lengthen and strengthen your muscles for truly uplifting results.

Pilates image


Perfect your posture and total body toning. Designed to develop core strength and coordination, this class draws on traditional Pilates movement patterns, the use of breath and correct alignment, so you emerge poised and ready for anything the day throws your way.

Please consult your physician before starting or changing a fitness routine. Facilities, classes and amenities vary by location. Personal/Group training, class reservations, specialty classes, and Kids’ Club available for an additional fee. Not all clubs open 24 hours every day.