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We believe in the power of fitness to truly change lives. It’s why we do what we do – because time and again one small decision leads to new chapters you’d have never thought possible. Here are a few of the members and team members whose stories keep us inspired every day.

Healthy Together

Isabel image

Isabel Orajel, Member

Fighting Her Fight

Isabel Orejel has faced two terminal cancer diagnoses and COVID-19, but she hasn’t let that define or control her. “Commit to yourself and know that you can achieve your goals no matter what obstacles are thrown your way.”

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Julian Salazar, Member

A Birthday to Build From

Julian Salazar made himself a promise: to use the year to turn his fitness around. With work and school shut down, he began training virtually, then at his club when it reopened. “When I watch my past self, it’s humbling but exciting … It makes me far more excited for what I can do next.”

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Elaine Hayden, Member

Dancing with Doubt

When foot and ankle surgery stopped Elaine Hayden from dancing, she fell into a cycle of self-doubt. But with the help of her fitness coach Lorenzo, she has re-learned to trust in her body and goals. “He pushed me beyond what I could have imagined possible for myself, and it made all the difference.”

Adam image

Adam Schneider, Member

A Recommitment to Self

Adam Schneider was reluctant to face the work it would take to turn his life around, but a steady regimen and dependable support network helped him follow his own advice: “Don’t be a victim of your past, be a vision of your future.”

Ian image

Ian Kurihara, Member

From Health to Happiness

Ian Kurihara had straightforward goals: lose weight and increase his comfort level in the gym. But he soon discovered other benefits. “Venting to my trainer is a little like therapy … just the physical act of pouring my frustrations and unfocused energy into something productive is rewarding.”

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