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We believe in the power of fitness to truly change lives. It’s why we do what we do – because time and again one small decision leads to new chapters you’d have never thought possible. Here are a few of the members and team members whose stories keep us inspired every day.


Healthy Together

Nicole image

Nicole Ortega, Member

A Journey in Trust 

Nicole Ortega struggled with self-confidence, never trusting her own ability to make healthy choices. Now with a strong team to support her, she says, “I’m able to treat myself with the love and respect I deserve as a person.”

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André Elder, Member

A Family Made Stronger 

André Elder has made personal training a family affair – he and his wife both train with fitness coach Donny, and his kids participate in the exercises as well. The physical and mental benefits have been “a big deal…We are better equipped mentally and emotionally to handle the chaos that life can bring. We learn to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

Tracey image

Tracey Tramontano, Team Member

From Low to New Highs 

When a series of physical setbacks sent Tracey Tramontano into a downward spiral, she turned to her team at 24 Hour Fitness to help her make a change. Now she’s hiking, cycling, dancing, taking GX24® classes and confirming for herself how empowering it is “to set a goal and achieve it and commit to a different lifestyle.”

Dale image

Dale Fishner, Member

It Takes a Team 

When Dale Fishner returned to the gym following hip and kneecap replacement surgeries, he started by simply walking in the pool. But Fitness Manager Jesse Rodriguez knew he was capable of more and found him the right coach to help him regain his mobility, and life. “It makes me wonder what else I might be able to do.”

Kelli image

Kelli Kocher, Member

Invisible to Unstoppable 

“If someone had told me I was going to be an endurance athlete, I would have laughed in their face.” Yet Kelli Kocher has done just that, transforming physically, professionally and spiritually to live life on her terms.

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