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There’s nothing like getting a workout at the club, but sometimes life has other plans. So we created 24GO—digital workouts that you can do anywhere to keep your focus on fitness and achieve results. From in-club workouts using the latest equipment, to group fitness classes streamed to your home, to sports-specific training on an open field, we’ll help you stay committed to fitness – and get the most from your workouts, in club and out. Work out smarter everywhere, with 24GO.

From our Fitness Partners, Direct to You

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Daily Burn Premium Package

Daily Burn produces some of the world's most popular streaming workouts. Every day, you receive a new workout that you can perform in the club, at home or anywhere. You can also select from an extensive video library of workouts tailored to your fitness level and interests. From yoga to dance to HIIT cardio, access hundreds of workouts anytime from any device, including your smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop or smart television. Save big as a 24 Hour Fitness member.

Featured from 24 Hour Fitness

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24Life™ Workouts

24Life keeps you moving toward your best with tips for a positive and productive mindset, smart strategies for movement, healthy nourishment habits for your body and regeneration practices for your soul. So check out our free 24Life digital workout videos, magazine and blog to stay up to date on the latest trends in movement. Whether you’re looking for ways to prepare for your first 5k run, 10-minute Tabata drills, body-shaping weightlifting tips, or HIGHX and HIIT-styled training, 24Life workouts provide you with the expert insights you need to tackle your fitness goals. 24Life workouts are free to all 24 Hour Fitness members.

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24 Day Smart Start™ Program

The first three to four weeks of your fitness journey are crucial. That’s why we provide every member access to our 24 Day Smart Start Program. 24 Day Smart Start gets you on track with scheduled workouts, tips and inspiration that are customized based upon your fitness goals and available time. Created in partnership with world-class fitness experts, our 24 Day Smart Start program will inform the way you move, think, eat and recover, setting you up for real success. 24 Day Smart Start is free to all 24 Hour Fitness members.