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Designed to serve as a sampler of our most popular aerobic class formats, Aerobics 101 builds confidence while grounding you in aerobics fundamentals that you can apply to The more you know about fitness, the faster you can reach your personal fitness goals. But to truly understand your results, you must have the right tools – and the correct data – to measure them. Use the fitness tools below to help you accomplish your goals and stay knowledgeable about your overall health and fitness. Our free fitness tools include a Calorie Calculator, Resting Metabolic Rate Calculator, and Daily Calorie Calculator.

Body Mass Index Calculator

Knowing your body mass index (BMI) is a great way to calculate your weight in relation to your height.  Although BMI doesn't measure your percentage of body fat, it is useful in estimating a healthy body weight in proportion to a persons height.
Body Mass Index Calculator

Calorie Calculator

Of course exercise and other activities burn calories – but how many?

Find out how many calories you use while performing your favorite activities – and then adjust your caloric intake accordingly. While it’s good to know your Resting Metabolic Rate and Daily Caloric Needs, don’t forget that the specific exercises and activities of your day will add to the number of calories your body uses.
Calorie Burn Calculator

Resting Metabolic Rate Calculator

How many calories does your body use when you’re doing absolutely nothing?

Whether you’re trying to lose, gain, or maintain weight, knowing your resting metabolic rate (RMR) gives you a clear understanding of how many calories it takes for your body to perform its basic functions.

Your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) is the minimum number of calories your body needs to support its basic physiological functions, including breathing, circulating blood, and numerous biochemical reactions. Your RMR is generally equal to 60-75% of your total daily caloric expenditure.
Resting Metabolic Rate Calculator

Daily Calorie Calculator

Before you adjust your caloric intake, find out how many calories you must consume each day to maintain, gain, or lose weight. Pinpointing that number with our calorie weight loss calculator can give you more control of your BMI (body mass index).

It’s also important to know how many calories your body requires just to maintain certain daily activities. By combining your resting metabolic rate and your daily activity level, you’ll get a calorie target for the day.
Daily calorie Calculator

24-Minute Workout

When your time is a precious commodity, this in-and-out exercise regimen makes every second count. In less time than it takes to watch a sitcom or fold a load of laundry, you could put in a full-body workout that will keep you on the track to fitness.
24-Minute Workout

Use these free tools to learn more about your metabolism and evaluate the benefits of different fitness activities. Then, make an informed plan for weight loss, weight gain, or staying the way you are.

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