Spend a Day in the Life

David, Service Representative

Friendly, organized and knowledgeable.

A member's impression of 24 Hour Fitness is affected as much by the quality of our equipment and the skill of our trainers as by their interactions with me. I know how important it is to make their experience here a positive one — from the moment they arrive.

The first face people usually see when they check into the club is mine. But my job involves more than just greeting members and guests. It involves answering their questions about our facilities, setting up personal training appointments, and even helping them pick out new workout clothes. Most importantly, it involves making them feel welcome.

Keisha, Kids' Club Attendant

Patient, creative and attentive.

Providing safe, affordable babysitting so busy parents can focus on their physical and mental well-being? That's pretty great. But spending your day playing games and singing songs with kids? That's even better.

Being a Kids' Club attendant is as much about keeping kids safe as it is about entertaining them. I make sure they don't hurt themselves, or wander into the workout areas. But should an emergency arise, I know how to handle it: I'm certified in infant and child CPR and I can administer basic first aid.

The contribution I make to our members' health and fitness is as vital as that of a Group X instructor or personal trainer. I just make it behind the scenes and with more toys.

Isabel, Membership Counselor

Positive, accessible and driven.

My role as a sales counselor is to promote and sell 24 Hour Fitness products and services to prospective club members. I've been an athlete my entire life, so explaining the benefits of regular exercise and the value of club membership comes pretty easily to me.

My relationship with members continues long after they've joined the club. I check in with them periodically to make sure they're taking advantage of everything 24 Hour Fitness has to offer and progressing with the goals they set when they enrolled.

Since joining 24 Hour Fitness, I've made progress with some of my own goals as well. The formal sales training I've participated in has improved my sales skills significantly, and the mentoring I've received from the senior sales staff has been invaluable.

Jack, Personal Trainer

Supportive, demanding and skilled.

Some of my clients have never worked out in their lives. Others are rehabbing injuries. A few of them are training for triathlons. What they all have in common is the desire to live a healthy lifestyle. I'm here to help.

24 Hour Fitness provides me with the resources and support to develop safe, effective fitness programs. Whether my client's goal is losing weight, toning muscles, or increasing cardiovascular strength, I know I'll be able to help him or her achieve it.

In addition to giving me the tools to help my clients succeed, 24 Hour Fitness has helped me succeed as well. The company provides continuing education courses, and my manager recently asked me to lead a workshop on sport-specific workouts. Two of my triathletes were in the front row.

Carolyn, Service Manager

Decisive, professional and energetic.

A service manager is always a cheerleader, often a ringleader, sometimes a traffic cop, and occasionally a mediator. Once in a while I’m all four at once.

Running a club gives me the opportunity to work with virtually everyone at 24 Hour Fitness. I answer members' questions about everything from dues to supplements. I interview prospective employees and mentor current ones. I coordinate product promotions with vendors. I implement corporate policies and procedures. In short, I make sure my club is up and running 24 hours a day.

Deshawn, Sports Marketing Coordinator

Enthusiastic, engaging and dynamic.

I was introduced to 24 Hour Fitness as a high school basketball player; the company invited all varsity athletes to use the training facilities at our local 24 Hour Fitness club free of charge. Today I’m a sports marketing coordinator for the company, building relationships with high schools, professional sports teams, national sport governing bodies, and the U.S. Olympic Teams.

In addition to promoting the Varsity Program to high school coaches and athletes, I market our fitness centers to fans of professional sports teams and members of national sporting organizations. Since 24 Hour Fitness is an official sponsor of the U.S. Olympic Teams, I also design communication plans to let our members and employees know how Team U.S.A. and Team 24 are doing at the Games.

The sports marketing position allows me to be an ambassador for the 24 Hour Fitness brand among athletes, current and prospective club members, and colleagues. And, of course, at high school reunions.

The profiles contained in this section are based on composites of 24 Hour Fitness employees. These profiles are intended for illustrative purposes only and do not represent actual employees. We recruit, employ, train, compensate, and promote without regard to race, religion, color, sex, ancestry, medical condition, pregnancy, national origin, age, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability or any other legally protected characteristic.