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Fitness is more than a box to check on your to-do list for the day. Fitness is a lifestyle, made richer by the connections we build, the passions we share, and the tips that help us be greater than we were just one day or one workout before.

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On the Lookout with 24TV

Fitness club members spend their workouts clearing their minds, lifting their moods and thinking about health and lifestyle choices– putting them in just the right mindset for meaningful interaction with your brand. We engage members with highly relevant content across our in-club and one-to-one personal digital channels

From our highly social fitness studios to intimate locker room settings, our clubs offer plenty of room for targeted messaging that builds a deep connection.

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More Ways to Stay Connected

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Look for upcoming GX24® parties and partner events, and bookmark your club’s webpage for the latest studio class schedule, trainer bios and more.

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24GO™ App

Know exactly what to do to reach your goals. Our revolutionary new app adapts to you, for custom-fit workouts and content anytime, anywhere.

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24Life™ Magazine

Available online or as an interactive magazine, 24Life helps you unlock your best self with expert insight and simple, life-changing steps.

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Led by amazing instructors, our welcoming GX24 classes will challenge you to move smarter, push harder and show up inspired day after day.

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Fit:Perks® Rewards

Our Fit:Perks program makes living fit even more rewarding with exclusive access to deals, sweepstakes entries and more.

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