Tony Definitely Merits the Title of "Master Trainer."

Six months and twenty pounds ago, I marched into the gym with the conviction that I needed to kick-start a personal health revolution in my life. At that time, I did not conceive how dramatically Tony 's experienced and motivational approach would not only reshape and re-tone my body, but also how deeply his guidance in this area would affect my overall happiness, confidence and well-being.

There have been some remarkable improvements: I can run for miles down the beach, teach SAT Math with greater mental acuity, have taken up surfing, am eating loads of vegetables and have a far more positive attitude with any challenge that comes my way. Most importantly, as an actress, I have already noticed a spike in my auditions, call-backs and bookings that immediately impact my personal financial bottom line.

Training with Tony has taught me how valuable it is to work with an expert in this field in order to truly redefine one's overall fitness. He is the consummate professional and, quite simply, he gets the job done and makes it fun in the process. From where I stand today, Tony definitely merits the title of "Master Trainer." Thank you 24 Hour Fitness for having professionals on staff like Tony.

24 Hour Fitness member Caitlyn D.
Hollywood, CA