Tawna H. from Glendale, CA Helped Diana M. Reach Her Fitness Goals

Before - 24 Hour Fitness member Diana M. 

I came to 24 Hour Fitness because I wanted to get in shape.

My trainer, Tawna, encouraged me to start both resistance and cardio training.  We designed a meal plan that included food I actually liked.

Tawna helped me set manageable goals that kept me motivated.  She made training fun and I started doing more exercise on my own.

Getting into shape made a huge difference in my mental health as well.

When I got pregnant, Tawna helped me work on my balance and core strength.  After the pregnancy I had no problems getting back on track.

To top it all off, I've lost 50 lbs!  I never would have believed that was possible.  Every day I look at my son I remember that a healthy mom is the greatest gift I could ever give him.

24 Hour Fitness member
Diana M. from Glendale, CA

After - 24 Hour Fitness member Diana M.