Personal Trainer Maggie C. from Glendale, CA

Before - 24 Hour Fitness Member Doug T.Hello my name is Doug, and I would like to share with you what I feel is an important factor in weight loss and healthy lifestyle. As you can see from the older picture, three years ago I found myself 75 pounds heavier than what I should be. Due mostly to factors of a failed marriage, depression during that time and a loss of will, I found that I was not who I used to be. I had always been active and exercise was a part of my life. I am not an overeater, but I did make wrong choices and ate more than needed at a meal.

It took 6 years for me to get to that point. Fortunately it took me just half that to get back! Around March 2005 I started a workout regime and decreased my food intake. I also received help and guidance from my personal trainer Ron (Las Vegas Club). By the end of the year, I had refocused myself and managed to lose 60 pounds bringing my weight back to the 215 or so range. My Body fat was around the low 20%, so I still had more to do.

The next two years I was still dedicated working out 5 times a week, but my weight floated back up and hovered between 220 and 230. The benefit at this time is I was slowly increasing my fitness level - feeling stronger and healthier. The downside is it appeared I was stuck at about 22-23% body fat. It was frustrating, but I was happy because I looked well and felt well. Having a high demand job it was all I could seem to manage but I yearned for more.

After - 24 Hour Fitness member Doug T.During that time I met a wonderful woman and we got married October 5th 2007. I moved to Glendale, CA to be with her and continued my workouts at 24 Hour Fitness Glendale Super Sport. It was truly fortunate that I met Maggie C. I had a close relationship with Ron and was hoping to find someone that was as good as he was. Maggie turned out to be the key to a life changing mental awakening. Ron had always encouraged me to eat more often and smaller meals, but I ignored it as impractical. After reviewing Maggie’s written testimony and listening to her commitment to the approach in our first coaching session, I decided to finally try it.

What a relief! I finally got out of the standoff where my weight had gone! In three months, I dropped 25 pounds and my body fat percentage hit 17%! Maggie was truly the inspiration that I had needed to help me.

Now at a weight of 200 pounds I am moving on to the next phase of adjusting my body mass ratios to attain 15% body fat while staying around 200 pounds. I now have total confidence that with Maggie’s assistance I will see that goal within a few months. In addition to the encouragement from Maggie, I have found the vital nutritional management information from her invaluable. I learned that all those years I had been taking the right supplements in the wrong manner. I was wasting much of the benefit. I attribute my quick change and gains to the correct use of supplements and the better diet of fresh meats, fruits and vegetables so abundant here in California (in Las Vegas it is all second rate/unappealing or little choice).

I truly believe the key to success is focus. Focus your efforts as well as your mind and you will succeed as I have. Good Fortune!

24 Hour Fitness member
Doug T. - Glendale, CA

Update October 2010

After - 24 Hour Fitness member Doug T.This last year has been an incredible year of growth with my trainer Maggie C. We both knew it was time to go beyond just the 90-pound loss we achieved.

She has encouraged me to learn more about nutrition making my awareness of the needs of my body and giving it the right nutrition at the right time.  It has become so simple!  I feel my body is in a mode, very much what an athlete must feel, and I find I crave little for foods that are not nutritionally sound.

Along with this counseling, we have done several six-week cycles of intense and very enjoyable body composition training.  I am building the body I need to enjoy life - I love how I look when I review my physique in the mirror!  Each cycle Maggie shares is challenging but fun with a given goal such as muscle gain.

It’s amazing the difference I feel: strength, vitality, and an obvious difference in the way all those around me perceive me.  Now I feel comforted that this lifestyle that includes daily activity and proper nutrition has prepared and given me confidence to overcome and withstand life's "little" challenges!

What a complete change from sitting in front of the gym years ago and thinking, “It's OK…I don't need to go in today!”

24 Hour Fitness member
Doug T. - Glendale, CA