Personal Fitness Trainer, Maggie C. from Glendale, CA Helps Karen B. Succee

Before - 24 Hour Fitness member Karen B. 

A couple of years ago I decided I was tired of my poochy stomach -- although I have always been slim, I didn't feel very fit.

Maggie has made a huge difference in how confident I feel about my body! I never fear a trip to the beach or a pool part.

Thanks to Maggie. I am the most fit amongst my friends!  As I age, I notice my friends getting floppy arms and growing big behinds that spread out across their office chairs.

I get many compliments on my toned arms, and I still can't believe it when I look in the mirror and see a fit tummy instead of a flabby one.

She has also helped me work around various strains and injuries, and has kept me training safely despite aches and pains.

I also love how so much of the workout helps to strengthen the core - I have a physical job and the workouts help keep me at my best.

Thank you Maggie for keeping me fit instead of floppy!

24 Hour Fitness member
Karen B. - Glendale, CA

After - 24 Hour Fitness member Karen B.