Personal Trainer Maggie C. Changes lives in Glendale, CA

"Two years ago I took my first management desk job.  I found myself stressed, miserable and overweight. I knew I needed someone to really push me, so I signed up for the training program with Maggie C. I can not overstate the impact of motivation... instead of suffering 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with being overweight and fatigued, I'd rather just suffer for 5 hours a week at the gym.

My trainer was fabulous and the program was fantastic. It was a very systematic, scientific and non-jugdemental approach. Her love for fitness is infectious. A few months later: I'm more energetic, looking better than I ever thought possible and every day I feel like I'm driving a Porsche instead of a station wagon. Maggie has made me look better than I had back in High School! Thanks Maggie and 24 Hour Fitness!

Member Mary Ann A.
(28 pounds lighter and 4 dress sizes smaller with 13% body fat)

Mary Ann - before
Mary Ann - after