Healthy Recipes

Nutritious and Tasty Recipe Ideas

Who says nutrition can’t be delicious. At 24 Hour Fitness, we’re all about helping you lead a healthy life outside of our fitness clubs. And in this case, it means offering up some healthy food recipes that actually taste good. Take a look at our collection. There’s a wide variety of healthy recipes, so you’re sure to find something that suits your taste buds.

Are you interested in learning how to treat your body better when you’re in the kitchen? Try some of our health food recipes to compliment your fitness training regime. With regular exercise and our fitness recipes, you’ll have more energy and might see the results of your workout in the mirror even sooner!



Side Dishes

artichoke dip
black bean hummus
black eyed pea salsa
chicken sate
chinatown stuffed mushrooms
parmesan chicken strips
turkey meatballs with cranberry bbq sauce
turkey won tons
red pepper hummus
roast beef cream cheese rolls
 baked sweet potato fries
basil mashed potatoes
broccoli slaw
carrot salad
chili corn muffins
cranberry relish
low fat marinated coleslaw
mushroom couscous
spanish rice
waldorf salad
white bean salad



Main Dishes

apple pie smoothie
banana split smoothie
berry calcium smoothie
black forest smoothie
blended iced mocha
chunky monkey smoothie
cinnamon roll smoothie
cookies and cream smoothie
jamoca mint smoothie
key lime smoothie
malt ball smoothie
nondairy tofu smoothie
pina colada smoothie
 bbq tofu
caribbean rum chicken
ham puff pie
honey mustard salmon
mexican chef salad
smoked ham and rosemary pasta
spinach manicotti
stuffed shells
tofu and spinach lasagna
turkey marinara sauce
turkey meat loaf
turkey spinach quiche

Soups and Stews



beef chili
beef stew
chunky turkey potato soup
curried lentils
low fat cream of broccoli soup
pasta e fagioli soup
pork wonton soup
potato leek with feta soup
turkey chili
white chili
 angie's sugar-free oatmeal cookies
apple cherry crisp
chocolate cake with raspberries
cinnamon oatmeal raisin cookie
ken's pumpkin won tons
pineapple upsidedown cake
whole grain apple bake