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12 Days of Fitness - Seven Days of FREE Workouts

by Scott G. on December 18, 2013

For the seventh day of fitness, we’re giving you SEVEN days of free workouts for members and guests! To celebrate the holidays, all members and guests are welcome to workout at ANY 24 Hour Fitness club nationwide from December 23 to December 29.


12 Days of Fitness - Day 6

by Scott G. on December 17, 2013

We’ve given you five days of fitness tips. On this sixth day of fitness, we’d love to hear YOUR healthy holiday tip! Click through to reply on the blog post or to share with your friends!


12 Days of Fitness - Day 5

by Scott G. on December 16, 2013

On the 5th day of fitness we’ve got FIVE holiday treat recipes that are less than 100 calories per serving! Don’t feel deprived this season, treat yourself and share these healthy goodies with friends and family.


12 Days of Fitness - Day 4

by Scott G. on December 15, 2013

On the fourth day of fitness, challenge yourself with FOUR wall squats! Squats exercise the quads, glutes and hamstrings – targeting a large group of muscles in one movement. If you’re pressed for time (and who isn’t during the holidays) squats can give you a full leg workout with just a couple sets. A bonus, hitting all of those muscles will also boost your calorie burn throughout the day, great for those upcoming holiday parties.


12 Days of Fitness - Day 3

by Scott G. on December 14, 2013

On the third day of fitness, we’ve got THREE healthy tips for surviving the mall! With only two Saturday’s left before the big day, many will be hitting the mall today. Try these tips to keep your fitness goals in check during your time at the mall. #12daysoffitness